Falcon Media House is a global digital media and technology group, powering the new paradigm in entertainment for intelligent streaming of live and on-demand video online. Falcon Media House is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE:FAL).

Our goal is to create an ecosystem where great technology meets great entertainment and delivers the right audiences. Inspired by a leadership team selected for their collective experience in scaling emerging technologies and new business models for commercial success, our house provides the technology, distribution and content capable of capitalising on the explosive demand for digital video, streamed live or on-demand.

Consumers are embracing streaming, everywhere.
TV as we know it is changing. From how it’s consumed, to how it’s delivered. From how it’s produced, to how it’s sold. Rules are being re-written, consumer behaviour is changing and new commercial opportunities are emerging. And Falcon Media House is perfectly positioned in the middle of this transition.

The Millennials are the first generation of true ‘digital natives’. By 2020 they will form 50% of the global workforce. Their demands are creating seismic shifts in the entertainment space. Their habits are influencing all demographics. Millennials don’t just consume content: they generate it.

Millennials don’t settle into the living room; they demand the content ‘now’, no matter where they are, on whichever device is most convenient. Traditional infrastructure providers are losing ground to free Wi-Fi and 4G. Legacy broadcasters are struggling to find the right commercial models to appeal to a pick and mix philosophy. And the early OTT networks are tangled up with costly streaming solutions that struggle to deliver against the demand for live content.

Quality of Service at our core
We know what it takes to execute broadcast resilient solutions for today’s connected consumer. We pride ourselves on delivering reliable, consistent streaming functionality without compromising on quality.