Falcon Media House


Quiptel’s patented, transformational technology enables high-quality streaming over dynamic virtual paths, minimising bandwidth consumption, across any network to any device. Quiptel has been fuelling the over-the-top media delivery revolution for more than 8 years. Already a well-established superior streaming OTT platform, our commitment to acquire the business in July 2016 allows it to build on the successful partnerships with Mobicom, Frontline and Teevee.

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Teevee is a new breed of entertainment network designed to cater specifically for people’s individual passions and built on the principles of liberating content. Teevee will launch in 2017 with exclusive rights to stream independent sports and lifestyle programmes including original shows created by our production arm Teevee Makers.

Teevee will connect fans with content until now only available as an afterthought on heavy subscription packages or on poorly curated social media streaming services. To be first to experience the future of TV.

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Meet the team that thrives on pushing boundaries and creating new markets. Teevee Makers is a different breed of TV production house born out of an ambition to originate, produce and curate content that directly feeds people’s passions. The industry calls it niche-casting. We see it simply as the ability to anticipate, seek out and create content people want to consume.

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