28 September 2017

The cost of buffering

We all know the expression “Time is Money” and in the growing world of OTT streaming time wasted watching the buffering symbol will cost you money. In a recent European smartphone study Ericsson and Vodafone Germany used neuroscience to understand the impact of varying network performance on the perception of a mobile operators brand.

The survey provided scientific proof of the direct correlation between consumers’ subconscious, their physical reactions and time-to-content on apps. The report states “Interestingly, for those who faced no network performance i.e. no time-to-content delays, perception of the mobile operator increased significantly. On the other hand, higher time-to-content delays on video streaming apps had a negative impact on not just the mobile operator brand but also other industry ecosystem players, such as the content providers and handset manufacturers. This indicates that it is in the interest of the industry as a whole to work together to improve app experience to meet users’ expectations.”

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