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We are building a new breed of media entertainment house for the way people want to consume live and on-demand video content.

Our goal is to create an ecosystem where great technology meets great entertainment ideas and finds the right audience. We are proud to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Step inside and learn more about our products and services, or get in touch if you want to discuss opportunities for the OTT broadcasting future.

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Smart innovations improving the streaming experience
11 July 2017

Smart innovations improving the streaming experience

When you consider that research findings by Kleiner Perkins estimate that this year 74% of all internet traffic will be online video viewing, it’s no surprise that many tech, media and content businesses are all working tirelessly to try to gain a competitive advantage through better understanding the trends, tastes and habits of people when…

A flattery of sorts - how EU legislation could impact OTT services
7 July 2017

A flattery of sorts – how EU legislation could impact OTT services

The growth in OTT video services such as Netflix, Hulu and Roku has been stratospheric. And as with many industries, once they reach a certain size or influence in people’s lives, policy makers and regulators lean in for a closer view. Ovum estimates that the number of monthly active users for chat apps will exceed…

The growth of OTT in emerging markets
3 July 2017

The growth of OTT in emerging markets

Arndt Polifke, Global Director of telecom research at GfK recently said, “There is no other technology product that is as intensively used by consumers as the smartphone. Spurred on by the impressive range of exciting innovations, such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, smart home functionality, mobile payments and mobile health, smartphones are going to gain…

ECAC announce beta launch
30 June 2017

Falcon Media House and ECAC announce beta launch of new U.S. sports and lifestyle service

Global internet group signals its ambitions to lead OTT industry revolution with the U.S’s largest intercollegiate athletics conference ECAC Network plans to feature more than 30 sports and an extensive catalogue of lifestyle content Falcon Media House (LSE:FAL), the global internet broadcast media group, has announced the beta launch of a dedicated sports OTT service…