Production Company

Not Your Average Production Company
Teevee Makers is a new kind of TV production house, created from the ambition to originate, produce, and create content that speaks to people’s passions.

Focused on producing, licensing, and aggregating niche content across peer platforms, Teevee Makers is an ideal partner for content advertisers, content creators and originators who are interested in engaging with specific audiences without the prohibitive costs and red tape associated with distribution.

Extraordinary Programming Solutions
Shared production studios and facilities enable content creators to deliver without restrictive overheads, driving a narrowcasting revolution for an age of mass content generation.

Partnering with Quiptel means that we have the expertise to ensure the best possible streaming experience, whilst Teevee helps us shape and support the launch of exciting new niche channels direct to consumers.

TV Content that Captivates
We’re passionate about creating and developing original productions and programming, curating stories that educate, inspire and captivate viewers.

Our expert team love building brands, creating new markets and pushing boundaries, collaborating with producers to develop initial ideas and licensing existing content for digital distribution.

Known in the industry as niche casting, we simply call it the ability to anticipate, seek and create content that people want to consume.

One of the Most Innovative TV Production Houses around
We live in a world where media consumption behaviour and creation are changing, which means makers need to capture it in a variety of ways to keep pace. What will never change, however, is the sheer power of fresh perspective, strong content and compelling stories. Teevee Makers bridges the gap to this new era of entertainment, helping you deliver the best.

Teevee Makers is already producing, licensing and creating exciting content, but we are always looking out for new content and ideas.