We unlock the OTT potential through Technology and Media expertise.

Falcon Media House is solving complex technology, logistics and media challenges in OTT video streaming. Through our subsidiary Quiptel, we offer an Online Video Platform (OVP), on which you can build your videos streaming service, featuring our patented Q-Flow technology. Q-Flow facilitates up to 40% more streams within current networks, optimising video flow in constrained environments, providing reliable consistent streaming, leading to a more compelling user experience for consumers. We also license Q-Flow as standalone software to be integrated within your existing network infrastructure, bridging the last mile. Our ultimate goal is to end buffering.


Combining technology products and solutions with extensive media expertise, Falcon Media House is ideally placed to deliver platform, content and distribution services to brands, operators, broadcasters, rights-holders and publishers that ultimately benefit consumers.




Quiptel’s patented, transformational technology enables high-quality streaming over dynamic virtual paths, minimising bandwidth consumption, across any network to any device. Quiptel has been fuelling the over-the-top media delivery revolution for more than 8 years. Already a well-established superior streaming OTT platform, our commitment to acquire the business in July 2016 allows it to build on the successful partnerships with Mobicom, Frontline and Teevee Africa.

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